Museum de Mesdag Collectie
The Hague

Horizon 2018

Horizon refers to the chairs on the beaches in the luxury seaside resorts where the bourgeoisie, gazing at the horizon, enjoys its luxury. According to his own words, 'painted to reality', the Mesdag seascapes give an elitist, romantic view of a privileged citizenry. Since Mesdag the 'reality' view of the sea has changed inexorably. Likewise, the view on his time has changed.

The increasingly narrowing gravel path along the museum's oval backyard disappears in its own perspective. A row of bright white old-fashioned beach chairs, increasingly smaller in size, are lined up to disappear in the same perspective. The nineteenth century view of the sea has now disappeared, as Mesdag's view of the sea finally disappeared completely. White and light these beach chairs disappear into the horizon of the sea and in the perspective of time.