Stiff 2004

As artist in public space, Hans van Houwelingen comments art, public life and cultural politics with each work he makes. The monograph STIFF. Hans van Houwelingen vs. Public Art, edited by Max Bruinsma, documents a dozen or two works, each representing a careful analysis of the contexts, with which it has to come to terms and from which it derives its 'raison d'être'.


Three essays cover the broad range of cultural discourses Hans van Houwelingen evokes, from the social and cultural backgrounds of Dutch public art described by Bram Kempers, via a comparison with international positions on art in public space over the last few decades by Stefan Schmidt-Wulffen, to an in-depth analysis of the art-theoretical implications of Van Houwelingen's work by Sjoukje van der Meulen. In addition, a choice of critical texts by Van Houwelingen summarises his provocative and inquisitive stance vis-à-vis art in public space.


Richly illustrated, this book not only offers an overview of Hans van Houwelingen's work, but also of a decade of discourse on art in public space.


STIFF was published in 2004 by Artimo. Publisher Jap Sam Books currently distributes the remaining copies. You can order a copy for € 25,- directly at the publishing house.


Authors: Bram Kempers, Sipke van der Meulen, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen.
Publisher: Artimo, 2004
ISBN: 978-90-75380-14-9
Number of pages: 330
Graphic Design: Office of CC
Book size: 20 x 25
Binding: Hard Cover
Price: 25 euro.
Languages: English | Dutch