a posteriori
a posteriori
Museum de Fundatie, Kasteel Het Nijenhuis

a posteriori 2016

Museum de Fundatie / Kasteel het Nijenhuis
23/01 – 02/10/2016 

Mihnea Mircan

Against the rich historical backdrop of Kasteel het Nijenhuis, home of artworks collected by Dirk Hannema (1896-1984), a posteriori deals with the friction between current and historical conditions as they impact our understanding of art. Invited to create an exhibition about the Hannema collection, Van Houwelingen replied: “Hannema is the most remarkable museum director in Dutch art history because of his outstanding collection – even if controversial, as it includes several false or at least questionable attributions to great masters -, his exceptional critical eye and absolute authority in the art business, as well as his role as NSB representative for Museums during Word War II.” Hans van Houwelingen installs here a number of art works that function either independently or are interspersed, as critical reactions, with the collection, art works that are his own or that appear as cases of suspended authorship or ownership. By attributing works to Dirk Hannema, the artist becomes wilfully embroiled in the moral controversy he instigates, shirking the comfort and supposed neutrality of the documentary approach. “I like the incorrectness of becoming part of the moral tombola, rather than leaving myself out.” These works and the art-historical or curatorial operations they embody realign the collection in an intriguing configuration of timelines and historical misalliances.